Saturday, June 25, 2011

Always we want to see pretty women body. I mean we=men. But whaApril 2011 Most Beautiful Man Beautiful 2007 73

Another of the Most Beautiful Men in my list is, Antoni Messina born in Caracas. A Venezuelan TV host and model, most widely known as one of the hosts of a Venezuelan TV program called "Ají."

BorisNot a winner yet, but I could not leave without mentioning this cute Ukranian model. 26 years old. He lives in New York and spends the day at the gym.

Besides modeling, Boris has a career in IT. Although talented in fixing many computer related problems, his passion is not within the IT world -thank goodness! He loves photography especially playing with Photoshop. He has set out to learn Photoshop and potentially change career paths to become a professional retoucher.

As far as I am concerned he can come any time and touch me and retouch me til his hearts content!
After reading the Rear of the Year competition I thought that we ladies needed a treat. We are bombarded by images of women everywhere -which I don' t mind. But I would also like to see the male counterparts. And as I was down with a heavy cold and couldn't move from bed, I spent my day looking at male butts. I must say I am feeling much better now!
The "Most Beautiful Bottom in the World" winner.

First in the list comes Andrei Andrei, born in Romania in 1983. A computer technology student and model.

On 31st October 2007, in Munich he won the "Most Beautiful Bottom in the World" among other 43 contestants. The prize for having the best butt includes 10,000 euros prize money, and an insurance cover for his bottom.Six feet tall, brown eyes and curly hair. Andrei Andrei is a cutie to find under your Christmas tree on Christmas eve..
So with a few days in advance I am offering you an original Christmas present. I have delight in presenting you MY list of the most beautiful and sexy men for 2007


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