Monday, June 20, 2011

Filial Jay Chou to invite Grandmother on stage

Jay Chou will be starting his concert tour in June in Taiwan. Tickets for the two shows were nearly sold out in just one day. The organizers are currently discussing the possibility of adding another show. It has also been reported that for the Shanghai and Beijing performances, Jay intends to have his maternal grandmother go on stage as a special guest.

According to Mainland reports, the fairly filial Jay Chou not only named one of his albums after his mother, he also had his maternal grandmother, who is an expert at international standard ballroom dancing, participate in one of his directed MVs. He says that everyday his grandmother is very generous in all aspects. With her straightforward looks, and kind and gentle face, she will be welcomed by fans. Furthermore, his grandmother can practically sing every one of his songs. That's why he invited her to be the special guest. However, his grandmother is fairly old, so the possibility and the method of her going on stage must be discussed with the staff.

In addition, this year is the 15th anniversary of the death of Teresa Teng. On May 14th, the "Teresa Teng Education Foundation" will hold a commemorative concert in Chengdu where Jay was invited to perform. Teresa Teng's third eldest brother, Deng Chang-Fu stated that despite Director Jay and Teresa Teng's style being very different from each other, when Jay received the foundation invitation, he immediately gave a straightforward agreement. He even expressed that when he was younger, he would frequently listen to her songs and liked them very much. However, the program for the performance remains highly classified. Neither JVR nor the organizers were willing to divulge any information.


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