Tuesday, July 5, 2011

20 Hot Guys (for your enjoyment)

Okay let me say in advance looking up all the living males was really really really creepy for me. Of course I labeled the top 20 guys and there are like 25 guys mentioned in this blog post but they're hot guys, so who cares.

20.Zac Efron
You may question why I put Zac Efron at number twenty, the answer is: for me he is guilty pleasure and the only reason I watched High School Musical. Twice.

19.Ichiru Kiryu
This is Zero Kiryu's twin brother and he is here solely because he has Zero's face.

18.Takashi Morinozuka
One of the three Ouran High School Host Club members I put here. He is quiet, and devoted to his master, a 4'11'' munchkin who eats only cake and can kick anyones ass.

17.Keidai Saeki
He is here for actually being one of the nicest male characters in manga that I have ever read.

16.Momiji Sohma


15.Kyo Sohma
The dude is broken and an incredible jerk but when he told the main character he loved her, I fell in love with that...jerk.

14.Alexander Skarsgard
IT'S F****** ERIC.

13.Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachin
These two twins are so hot they get a kick out of playing twincest for each other. They are so close in personality (at this point) and appearance that they got their own number.

12.Ryan Reynolds
I have a thing for superheroes.

11.Every Male Character in a Banri Hidaka Book (ever)
Usually her male characters look almost like girls. (Sadly when I was looking for pics they had the worst pictures because there were no straight up single pics of her boys.)


10.Kyohei Takano
In the story The Wallflower this guy was so hot that his own town kidnapped him so the stores would get more customers and people would move back. He looks really gay (i.e. unavailable) in this picture but DAY-AM.

9.Misha Colins
I REAA-ly like the character Castiel in Supernatural. He has the dark-stick-up-his-ass thing going for him really well.

8.Jensen Ackles
;( Supernatural guys I love your show...

7.Jared Padalecki

6.Ulqiorra Schiffer
My favorite emo dude from Bleach. In Bleach each of the Ten Super Mega Arrancars represented the ten different and most common ways you die or commit suicide. He was emptiness.

5.James Mac Avoy
I like his accent and LOVED him in Atonement. (Oh, Mama, he's PURTY!)

4. Mc Steamy
You got 10000% hotter when you played a gay football player in Valentines Day. So did Bradley Cooper.

3.Kyoya Ootori
I like him because he's smart, determined, and evil. He also becomes really soft when it comes to his best friend Tamaki Suoh.

2.Leonardo DiCaprio
I was gone as soon as I saw him the Titanic and will only like him in that and Romeo and Juliet(i.e.When he was young) but not in Inception, when he's hella old.

1. There are three guys that tie for first
Zero Kiryu
Zero was born into a vampire hunting family, killed by the top chain in the vampire pyramid. During this the pureblood (top vampire) bit him and turned him into a vampire-one of the bad vampires that other vampires kill. So Zero is not only slowly going mad from need of blood he is on the verge of killing himself for eating from his one and only love Yuki and being a vampire. He stole my heart and I would totally let him kill me.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Three words that will make my day a good day. He's hot and when he acts in a movie he is very very charming. I totally fell for his dimples too.

Makoto Narita
The only man I have ever known to look hella sexy dressed as a girl. In W Juliet He has to spend his entire high school experience as a girl. Ito Miura (his girl) has like, eight guys pining for her and he (even as a chick) keeps them the hell away from her. You have got to like a guy like that.


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