Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hottest ukrainian guys " Stan Jouk "

Oop! what up's guys? We meet us agian and Can you guys guess, where we are now? We are in Ukraine and like i say. Before we meet the hottest guys in ukrain, i would like to ask you guys? Can you guys tell me about Ukrain? for me this country has a lot of hottest guys gg. Give me yours ideas and let see the hottest guys in ukraine.

Stan Jouk

Who is Stan Jouk?
He is a hot ukrainian model guy (His eyes are really sweet, what you guys think?)

When was he born?
9 December 1985

Where was he born?
Brodi, Ukraine

How he became a model?
He started at age 19 while walking around Central Park with his sister. Soon after, famous photographer Steven Klein took notice and put him on the cover of L"’Uomo Vogue". (In this fashion show he was so amazing guy, what you guys think?)

What are his hobbies?
He likes watching film and doing gym

What was his first agency?

Awards and nominates?
The Face of "Michael Kors"


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