Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father filmed beating 16-year-old after refereeing 'fight club' brawl with teenage son

A father who refereed a 'Fight Club' style contest involving his teenage son was arrested after joining in the brawl.

Gary Johnson Jr was captured on video slamming his fist into the teen who is half his size.
As the teen lies prone on the floor having been knocked down the 6ft 5in continues to pummel his face with his fist.

His attack only ends when his son pulls him off his dazed victim.,The shocking assault was captured on a cell phone camera and has led to 35 year old Johnson facing assault charges.

Police said Johnson, who works as an emergency room technician, had offered to referee a fight between his 16 year old son and another boy in the back yard of his home in Palm Bay, Florida.

Other neighbours watched what police called a semi organised street fight - similar to those in the Brad Pitt movie 'Fight Club'. When Johnson's son walks away from the fight his father and the other bare chested teen exchange words.

Cell phone footage shows Johnson, who at 220lb and 6ft 5in towers above the teen, lashing out with his fists.

As his victim reels back from the blow Johnson pounces on him and repeatedly slams his fist into the boy's face.

His victim does not offer any resistance and the sustained assault ends when Johnson's son emerges to pull his father of the boy.

According to the police report, Johnson said he agreed to 'monitor' the fight between the teens to make sure it was fair.

Police said he should have never allowed the fist fight to happen, let alone join in. He has been charged with assault and released from jail on $15,000 bond and is due back in court next month.


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