Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pubic Hair Collection seized from Government Official who wanted to sleep with 1000 women before year 2015

CHINA -- Wu Zhiming – former Secretary General of Jiangxi Government in China – had set a great goal for himself.

He wanted to have sex with 1,000 women before 2015.

A police team sent to arrest Wu over corruption charges found him having sex with two mistresses at the same time last month.

After his arrest, police seized some condoms, sex enhancement pills and two books from him.

One of the books was a diary in which Wu recorded the dates, time and places of all his sexcapades.

Also jotted down were personal details of his 136 mistresses, his feelings and level of satisfaction of every sexual encounter with them.

Another book was a pubic hair collection. Wu had pasted his mistresses' pubic hairs on the pages – one page for each woman.

It was reported that Wu's mistresses included female officials, university students, housewives and even teenagers.

Wu was sacked from his post.


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